Brian and Keith Bowser Shield final completed

Bob Leach & John Mitchell defeated Josh & Jeremy Thrift 2 frames to nil in the Doubles H/cap snooker competition today. Congratulations to Josh & Jeremy for making the final and well done Bob & John on your first win as a doubles pairing, third time lucky.
1st Frame
Josh scored a couple of colours while their opponents fouled putting Josh & Jeremy over forty in front early. Bob & John were still 20 behind with only the colours left eventually needing a snooker on the Pink. John played a remarkable snooker which was missed resulting  in a Black Ball game. Bob potted both Pink & Black to win in the slightest of margins.
2nd Frame
Bob & John caught the H/cap lead of 30 with half the reds gone and were 20 in front with one red remaining. Bob took a green with the last red and the yellow leaving Josh & Jeremy requiring a snooker. John potted a superb long Green leaving them 29 in front with 22 left on the table. Bob potted the Brown, Blue & Pink to secure the Championship.

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