President vs Vice-President Doubles H’Cap Snooker

Past winners of the President vs Vice-President Doubles H’Cap Snooker
Formally R. & V. Colless Trophy Selected Doubles Snooker renamed in 2016

2022I. Thomas / I. BeatonM. Holt/ K. Bowser
2021I. Thomas / J. Berry
2020Not Played
2019M. Naray / V. Xue Yaun
2018B. Pearce / B. Lewis
2017M. Sharples / L. Jackson
2016J. Wood / J. Knoch
2015G. Murray / B. Lewis
2014L. Wu / J. Lewis
2013W. Pringle / B. Craven
2012J. Kirk / A. Williams
2011M. Sharples / K. Bowser
2010J. Hennell / J. Swanson
2009B. Bowser / J. Mitchell
2008R. Dohnt / J. Petersen
2007R. Phillips / B. Bowser
2006R. Cleaver / S. Cross
2005A. Fitzsimon / S. Cross
2004G. Baker / V. Devine
2003P. Hunt / P. Connolly
2002M. Humphries / K. Mahoney
2001C. Murray / L. Wodetzki
2000T. Thompson / P. Wodetzki
1999C. Murray / G. Harms
1998J. Hennell / R. Colless
1997C. Hiscox / B. Bowser
1996B. Fyfe / R. Colless
1995D. Armstrong / B. Bowser
1994B. Fyfe / R. Colless
1993J. Nalty / D. Innes
1992R. Appeldorn / C. Murray


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