Gordon Kendall Memorial

Past winners of the Gordon Kendall Memorial Champion of Champions.

Year Winner Runner Up
2023 N. Stampfer J. Swanson
2022 K. Grabish L. Richards
2021 I. Thomas J. Kennedy
2020 M. Nixey B. Pearce
2019 R. Redsell J. Thrift
2018 R. Ward P. Taylor
2017 R. Ward M. Dickens
2016 S. Bridley B. Leach
2015 B. Leach B. Lewis
2014 B. Leach P. Friganiotis
2013 W. Pringle J. Petersen
2012 C. Shaw A. Williams
2011 C. Shaw A. Herbel
2010 J. Wells B. Bowser
2009 J. Petersen G. Baker

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