Snooker Quiz Time!

Here is a question for snooker buffs:

When does a foul on the Black not result in loss of frame when the black is the only remaining ball?

Rule book page 35 Section 3 Rule 4.

4. End of Game, Frame or Match
a) When Black is the only object ball remaining on the table, the first score or foul ends the frame excepting only if the following conditions apply:

i) the scores are then equal; then
ii) aggregate scores are not relevant.

b) When both  conditions in (a) above apply:

i) the black is spotted;
ii) the players draw lost for choice of playing;
iii) the next player plays from in-hand; and
iv) the next score or foul ends the frame.

c) When aggregate scores determine the winner of a game or match and the aggregate scores are equal at the end of the last frame, the players in that frame shall follow the procedure for a re-spotted Black set out in (b) above.

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