Winner of the Crosby Shield for 2024 is Ryan Cairney

The Crosby Shield was played during March and April 2024.  Thirty-Two (32) nominations were received, with a diverse range of abilities creating a large handicap spread ranging from -4 up to 65.

This competition is a two-frame aggregate handicap event, with every ball being potted in the first frame. Scores being carried over for the second frame to achieve a two-frame aggregate score.

Historically some players with low handicaps find the Crosby Shield format, chasing down a big point difference over two frames, quite challenging from a mental perspective. The mental game was just too much for Club Captain, Darian Ward who faded out in the second round to a resurgent Peter Taylor.
The defending champion from 2023, Norb Stampfer also found the going tough and lost in the second round to Mandy Oliver.

Three rounds were played leading up to the semi-finals with some very healthy competition.

In the first semi-final match, the runner up from 2023, Ryan Cairney came up against Mandy Oliver. Proving how much Ryan enjoys this format, he came through with the win, chasing down a 40-point gap. Seeing Ryan progress to the final for second year in a row.

In the second semi-final, the winner from 2022, Ian Thomas played Kale Grabish.  Ian found chasing down a 62-point gap was a tough challenge and, in the end, couldn’t quite reign in Kale.  Kale again proving that when he is potting well, it can be challenging to contend with his handicap.

In the final, Ryan Cairney (3) played Kale Grabish (40). Ryan had the chase with a 74-point gap to chase down over two frames. Whilst Ryan has been potting exceptionally well lately, it was his safety play that won the day, leaving Kale with very few opportunities to score.
In the end it came down to the last few colours in the second frame and Ryan cast aside his demons from losing the 2023 final to find redemption in 2024 with a glorious victory.
Excellent to see Ryan playing so well.

Congratulations to All participants for taking up the challenge.

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