BB&SC Social Night

Past winners of the BB&SC Social Night
Formally Ron Cleaver & Aub Lundie Shield Social Nights renamed 2016.

2022D. WardR. Redself
2020R. Ward
2019Not Played
2018A. Herbel
2017B. Lewis
2016I. Belsham
2015G. Baynham
2014B. Bowser
2013 –
2012 –
2011M. Sharples / B. Pearce
2010R. Cleaver
2009F. Jacobs / R. Cleaver
2008R. Cleaver / C. Murray
2007T. Sandford
2004R. Phillips
2003R. Cleaver
2002R. Cleaver
2001P/ Bowser
2000L. Hurd
1999H. Murray
1998R. Cleaver
1997J. Hennell
1996D. Cleaver
1995R. Cleaver

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