Dean Ind Trophy (discontinued)

Past winners of the Dean Ind Trophy Novice Snooker.

2013J. Roberts
2012J. Knoch
2011M. Sharples
2010B. Bowser
2009J. Mitchell
2008P. Phillips
2007T. Sandford
2006P. English
2005W. Birrell
2004V. Devine
2003B. Keefe
2002T. Thompson
2001G. Harms
2000B. Edgecombe
1999C. Murray
1998G. Holmes
1997J. Wiltshire
1996J. Gill
1995T. Raynor
1994T. Perin
1993D. Richards
1992F. Hill
1991J. Nalty
1990M. Howard
1989D. Fidler
1988G. Lanham
1987C. Cobham
1986L. Tinsley
1985J. Hennell
1984R. Murdoch
1983O. Patterson

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