Brisbane Billiards Pennant Competition Update

A billiards competition involving eight teams from the Brisbane region has now been running for about 8 weeks.  The competition, known as the Brisbane Billiards Pennant Competition, takes place weekly with a team of two representing each of the clubs involved.  Matches are played alternately home and away. Our Team, the Buderim Pros, consists of Jeff Pickering, Dave Armstrong and Mike Naray.  After week 8, Buderim lies in third place on 10 points from 4 wins and 2 draws. The leaders are Redlands Tigers on 13 points with the Redlands Renegades in second place with 10 points from 5 wins. Other teams in the competition are Sherwood Phoenix, Sherwood Hazards, Matchroom Dragons, Redcliffe Woofs and Redcliffe Reddies.

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