Josh Does Us Proud in Russia

Our junior, Josh Thrift,  has returned from the World Under 16 Snooker Championships in Russia where he acquitted himself with distinction.  Against strong opponents, some of whom had made 100 plus breaks in competition and, a select few, maximum 147 breaks in practice, Josh fought strongly and won 2 of his 5 matches. Showing great determination,  Josh won his first match in the fifth frame after a battle lasting 6 hours and ten minutes!  Even in the games he lost, Josh pushed his opponents to the limit. His skill,  composure and mental toughness during play earned him the respect of both players and officials.  Josh also developed friendships with players from around the world.  All at Buderim Billiards and Snooker Club would like to extend our congratulations to Josh on such a commendable effort.

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