Club Applies for Grant

The Management Committee recently approved the application for a grant of $5000 from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.  This fund provides money to organisations like ours to assist with funding for projects such as facility improvements, the staging of events and the purchase of new equipment.

In our case, we are seeking to replace the current sliding entry door which is in poor condition with a new glass panel and  hinged door. At the same time, we are planning to install a new electronic key-less entry system which will be more user-friendly and secure than our current use of keys.

Since we don’t own the hall we have applied to the Hall Management Committee for permission to undertake these changes.  Two of our members, as well as John McMahon, the Chair of the Hall Committee, have kindly offered to act as Referees in support of our application.  The funding application process is now underway and we should be informed of the success or otherwise of our application in a few months time.

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