2019 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of our Club will be held on Tuesday 30th April in the club room.  At this meeting we will be electing a new Committee and setting membership fees for the following year.  In order to be eligible to vote at the meeting all members are reminded that they need to be financial.  If you haven’t yet paid your membership fees for this year please do so as soon as possible (don’t forget – if you have taken part in any fund raising in the past year your fees are discounter by $10 for each one you have done).

Our current Committee has been working hard for you over the past year to improve the facilities at the Club and its day-to-day running.  If you think you could make a valuable contribution by joining the new Committee please complete and submit the relevant application form when they are made available.  Similarly, if you wish to submit a motion for inclusion in the agenda for the meeting you will need to ensure that it is submitted to the Secretary in the correct format and by the appropriate date.

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