New Entrance Door and Fob Key System

The Club now has a new entry door, providing access through the use of fob keys. Not only has this enhanced the visual appearance of the entrance but it has increased security and provides reliable data on the use of the club by members. Members will no longer need to use the old register to sign in and out as this will happen automatically through use of the fob.
The new system will take a little getting used to and here are a few points to remember:
Here are a few things you should know:
 The term ‘badge’ means to hold your Fob Key close to the access control panels that
are now located inside and outside the door. The panel will flash green and beep when
you have done this properly. Doing that properly may take some getting use to.
 You must “badge in”, even if you are simply following someone in who has already
opened the door;
 You must “badge out”, even though the door will open without the need to present the
 If you don’t badge out you may be prevented from gaining access then next time you
come to the club. So, please remember to badge out.
 Visitors must still sign in and out using the traditional book.
Old keys should be returned as they will no longer provide access.

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