Club Facilities and Maintenance

Members may have noticed a number of small improvements that have been made to the tables and facilities in the Club room.  Following the replacement of the table lights with those from the latest Peradon range the tables have also been fitted with new rails and leathers. A lot of the work has been done by Jon Wood and he deserves our thanks for all the hard work he has put in. In the kitchen, the hot water system has been replaced and a new mixer tap installed.  In addition, in response to a request from some members we have purchased a coffee-pod machine which can be used by anyone who brings along their own pods for use.  The electric jug has been found  to have become unreliable and will soon be replaced.  Finally a new rail for the tea-towels is to be installed in the kitchen.
The Committee is keen to maintain the Club’s tables and facilities in good order.  Should you notice anything requiring attention please report it to a member of the Committee.

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