Clubroom Refurbishments Complete

Members are now enjoying play in our refurbished club room.  The blue and black motif in the carpet tiles goes well with the repainted walls.  The whole room has a new feel 0f space and comfort.  As well as the new paint and carpet, all the cue cases and racks have been given a matt-black look.  The kitchen area has also been given carpet and a new coat of paint.

All this couldn’t have been possible without the work of a dedicated team of helpers as well as the very professional building work done by Phil Friganotis.    Special mention should be made of Mike Dickens for his hard work on the cases and racks, and of Rob Ward who spent many hours at the Club during the renovation and worked very hard.  Other helpers included Ted Herbert, Dave Smith, Bob Leach, Bob Pearce,  John Mitchell, Mike Dickens, and Russell Trickey.

Congratulations to all involved on a job well done!


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