Chris Shaw wins 2012 Champion of Champions Snooker

The 2012 Champion of Champions was played over the weekend with active club members invited to participate.

On Saturday club members played round-robin competitions within each grade with the top players going on to a handicapped knockout competition on Sunday morning.

The club groups players into 4 grades based on ability so that all players are able to compete against other players of similar skill level. The morning round-robins were for B Novice and Intermediate, with A and A+ grades playing in the afternoon.

The following players emerged as the winners on Saturday:

  • B Novice – Denis Evans, Mark Sharples
  • Intermediate – Jim Petersen, Anders Herbel
  • A grade – Steve Westby, Mitchell Boyd
  • A+ grade – Wayne Pringle, Chris Shaw

Shaw was eventually victorious in the final on Sunday with a very close win over Herbel on the pink ball.

This marks a good run of form for Shaw, with excellent play the previous week against some of the top players in Queensland. Unfortunately Shaw was knocked out of the Chadwick Shield in a semi-final match against Ryan Cairney otherwise club members and spectators could have seen more of him next weekend in the finals.

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