President vs Vice President 2023

President vs Vice President 

Saturday 28th October 2023 saw the annual President vs Vice President competition take place.

This is an honour board event, and the format is as follows:
-Two teams selected from those who nominated, and they were then split into doubles partnerships.
-Each pair plays each pair, one frame.

The day was organised by our Club Captain Darian Ward. We had three teams on each side, the teams picked by random draw and the pairings decided by the Captains.

The teams were as follows:
Presidents Players
Ian Thomas (President) and Steve Westby
Andy Ward and Graham Higgins
Geoff Hurst and Mike Dickens

Vice Presidents Players
Rob Ward (Vice President) and John Berry
Andy Herbel and Judith Swanson
Norb Stampfer and Jag Lewis

As we had one player too many turn up Darian very graciously stood down and supervised the afternoon.

The competition was tough, and the games were played some going down to the last ball. Tension was in the air.
The pairing Andy Herbel and Judith Swanson gave the Vice Presidents team a great start winning their first two matches.
The final game was a decider and fortune favoured the Presidents side who won the day by one match.

A few comments.
As a competition it was a great day.
As a social get together it was great to see members who hadn’t seen each other for a while, and members who hadn’t met before, get together and have a laugh.
Fun, yes it was fun too.
Darian thanks very much for the work you do and did.

Congratulations to Andy Herbel and Judith Swanson – who won the best doubles pair with the runners up by just 2 points, Ian Thomas and Steve Westby!
Thanks to Graham Higgins who has always said he doesn’t play in competitions but came out of retirement for the day (and played well).

Thanks to all the players for making it a great day.

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