2022 Gordon Kendall Memorial Champion of Champions

2022 Champion K.Grabish
2022 Champion of Champions K. Grabish

The final competition of the year our Gordon Kendall Memorial ‘Champion of Champions’ was held today Sunday 27th November 2022. This competition is open to all players who have won a competition during the year.

This year the eligible players were:

Name Won
Andy Ward -Chadwick Shiels Open Snooker
Lance Richards -President Shield Open Billiards &
-Mike Naray Handicap Billiards
Peter Taylor -D. Cleaver Trophy Intermediate Billiards
Kale Grabish -Brian and Keith Bowser Snooker Pairs Handicap
Conrad Grabish -Brian and Keith Bowser Snooker Pairs Handicap
Ian Thomas -Crosby Shield Handicap Snooker
Joe Kiely -B Grade Billiards
Jim Schofield -Neville Brockett Handicap Snooker
Vince Barone -Handicap Snooker
Andy Herbel -Intermediate Snooker
Bob Grasso -Gavin Baynham B Grade Snooker

After a round robin organised by Darian (Club Captain) the final came down to a tussle between Kale Grabish and Lance Richards.

Kale had a handicap advantage, Kale won the first, Lance the second. The third and final frame went to Kale on the pink. A very hard fought match.

Well played both players and thanks to all those who took part. It was a long day but an enjoyable one. Many thanks Darian for organising and Ian Beaton for the photos.


2022 Champion of Champions Runner-Up L.Richards and 2022 Champion K.Grabish
L.Richards and K.Grabish


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