Club Room refurbishment to take place


The Management Committee has decided to refurbish the club room in the early New Year period.  The walls and ceiling will receive a new coat of paint and the existing carpet around the tables is to be replaced and extended. Carpet tiles will be used to carpet all areas of the room except for that in the kitchen.  The use of tiles means that any area that may be damaged in the future can be easily replaced. The Committee has obtained two quotes for the work which involves the removal of the existing carpet and some leveling.  Prior to the carpet replacement,  the walls and ceiling will be repainted.  Various fixtures and fitting will need to be temporarily removed for this work  We hope that members will respond positively to a  call for a ‘working bee’ at this time.  This work will necessitate the closing of the club room for a few days.  The Committee hopes that members will appreciate the need to give the club room an overdue ‘ facelift’ and welcome the fresh look.

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