Weekend of cue sports with Danik Lucas

Buderim Billiards and Snooker Club hosted a series of exhibition matches, a round-robin competition and a knockout competition this weekend.

The weekend kicked off with a high quality billiards exhibition between Danik Lucas, former Australian Champion, and David Armstrong, the clubs best billiards player. Danik made several quality breaks including a 108, thrilling the spectators with his control and creativity around the table.

There were also a series of snooker matches against local players Chris Shaw, John Wells and Tristan Claridge. Danik demonstrated his break building prowess including a great 52 clearance.

The main competitions were held on Saturday with Danik and 7 of the best local players from the club competing in a round-robin event followed by a knockout competition.

The round-robin event was the best of one frame, with only 6 reds to ensure each match progressed quickly. The competition was hard fought, with Tristan Claridge just edging out Danik Lucas to take the title. David Armstrong also performed very well, only missing out on frame count back.

Danik also took away the high break prize with a superb 61 break that was on track for a 74 total clearance, just short of the maximum possible for 6 reds which is 75. His opponent in that frame was James Haining, who only got one shot before Danik almost cleared the table.

There was $325 in prize money up for grabs with $175 for winning and $125 for runner up and a further $25 for the high break prize.

In the knockout event Danik overcame Sam Deering in the final to take the title and $100 prize money. Danik also won the high break prize with a well constructed 38.

All of the members, guests and visitors greatly enjoyed the weekend, with high quality play, food and drinks, a raffle and plenty to talk about. We all look forward to next time.

Round-robin Competition

Winner – Tristan Claridge
Runner up – Danik Lucas

Knockout Competition

Winner – Danik Lucas
Runner up – Sam Deering

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