Tristan Claridge wins 2012 Chadwick Shield Snooker Competition

Saturday was a morning of competition finals at the club with the B Novice and Intermediate Finals starting at 8am and the A+ final at 10.30am.

The matches played today were the finals of graded knock-out competitions that have run at the club for the last 6 weeks.

The A+ Chadwick Shield final was played between Ryan Cainey and Tristan Claridge who won the competition last year.

Claridge started off with an almost chance-less first frame, setting the tone for what was a high quality match. The second and third frames were toughly contested with Claridge just managing to take both frames to win 3 – 0.

Spectators greatly enjoyed the match that featured excellent safety play and moderate breaks of 30+ under pressure. Special thanks to Club Captain Ron Cleaver for refereeing the final.

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