Brian and Keith Bowser Shield Doubles Competition Results

The final of the Brian and Keith Bowser Shield Doubles competition was played on Saturday 24th February 2024.

There was healthy enrollment and competition with 32 players involved, resulting in 16 teams in the draw with a best of 3 frames format.

The 2023 winners, Ian Beaton and Darian Ward started strongly again but In the semi-final they came unstuck against the pairing of a committed businessman and a strategic politician.

Errol Aristodemou and Terry Young took out the defending champions in 2 frames, heading into the 2024 final in strong form.

On the other side of the draw, a surprise upset saw last years runners up (Mike Dickens / Dave Smith) exit before the semi-final after fighting valiantly, taking Phil Hintz/Matt Holt all the way to the black ball in the third frame.

Meanwhile, the pairing of Geoff Hurst / Zac Janzcuk looked dangerous on paper and did not disappoint.

In the final match of the competition, Errol Aristodemou & Terry Jones took on Geoff Hurst & Zac Janczuk, in a hard fought event with the strategic thinking, safety play and potting ability of Errol Aristodemou / Terry Young proving too much for Geoff Hurst / Zac Janzcuk to resist.

Game 1 went to Errol and Terry
Game 2 went to Geoff and Zac who won on the Black
Game 3 went to Geoff and Zac again on the Black
Game 4 went to Errol and Terry on a Black respot!
Game 5 went to Errol and Terry with Errol sinking the pink and black to win.

The handicap difference of 17 (Errol and Terry gave Geoff and Zac a 17-point start) seems to prove the handicapper is spot on!

Congratulation to the winners, and the runners up and for providing a very worthy competition final. And special congratulations to Terry Young for his first competition win.

Thanks also to All who took part in the 2024 Doubles Competition

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