BBSC on Facebook…coming soon!

Following the development of our new website the  Club is taking another step towards getting our name out there in cyberspace.  Fiona Thrift has kindly offered to develop a group page for us on Facebook.  She already has built and operates two other Facebook sites so has the practical expertise to develop one for us.  Whilst many of us may not be Facebook adherents there are many potential members who use social media a lot.  So, getting our name out there is yet another way in which we can build our club.  The Facebook page will contain a link to our website and vice-versa.  It is hoped that we can use the page to let the general public become aware of our existence and perhaps to act as a conduit for sharing messages and other matters of interest between members.  Fiona and Bob Pearce will initially be the administrators for the page.  Look out for more news about this exciting development in the coming weeks.

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