B Grade Billiards Competition Report

The B Grade Billiards competition was played during February and March.

Seven (7) nominations were received for the B Grade Billiards.  The Format was singles matches, with the first player to score 100 progressing to the next round.

In the first semi-final match, the defending champion, Gavin Baynham came up against John Berry.
This was a tight tussle befitting of a semi-final with John (101) defeating Gavin (94).

In the second semi-final, another tight match saw Bob Grasso (101) prevail over Ian Beaton (96).
It was great to see such tight competition in the semi-finals and this carried over to the final.

In the Final, the Billiards savvy of John Berry (101) ultimately prevailed over Bob Grasso (84).
Excellent to see John still showing the other players how it is done!

Congratulations to All participants for taking up the challenge.


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