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Buderim Billiards & Snooker club entered a team in the Brisbane A grade snooker pennants competition this year. This is the strongest team snooker competition in Queensland and our team ended up runner up in a very hard fought final where the result came down to a black ball in the final frame. Well done  [ Read More ]

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The club will again host the Redlands Snooker Club at Buderim this weekend Sunday 2 March at 9.30am. The visit will feature a competition between Buderim’s A-grade players and a team from Redlands, which will include two junior Australian champions: Keiran Frettingham and Hayden Goode. The event will help raise funds for travelling junior players,  [ Read More ]

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Redlands Snooker Club will be visiting Buderim on Sunday 20 January 2013 for a friendly competition. Traveling with the visiting team are two of the best young snooker and billiard players in Australia, both junior champions! Redlands will also have Kurt Brown, former Queensland and Australian under 21 snooker and billiards champion. The visiting team  [ Read More ]

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A new batch of snooker coaches could soon be keeping an eye on Buderim’s emerging talent following an exciting initiative at the local snooker club. Respected Brisbane coach Bob Turpin, who has guided four Queensland players to Australian snooker and billiards titles, will hold training sessions in Buderim specifically for coaches during the winter. Buderim  [ Read More ]

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Players from the Redlands Snooker Club will be visiting the club on 22 April 2012 to play local Buderim players. Two of the players traveling from Redlands are up and coming stars: Hayden Goode – the current U12 Australian snooker champion; and Keiran Frettingham – the current U15 QLD snooker champion and the current U15  [ Read More ]

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The draw for the 2012 annual handicap Crosby Shield and Brockett Shield is now available. The play who’s name is on top must contact the player with their name on the bottom to organise their match before the due date.

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Saturday was a morning of competition finals at the club with the B Novice and Intermediate Finals starting at 8am and the A+ final at 10.30am. The matches played today were the finals of graded knock-out competitions that have run at the club for the last 6 weeks. The A+ Chadwick Shield final was played  [ Read More ]

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The intermediate snooker final for 2012 was a tough match between Jim Petersen and Phil Figaniotis. The match was enjoyable to watch with both players putting in a good performance. Phil Friganiotis won the encounter.

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The club hosted 4 snooker competitions finals for each of the gradate on Saturday with John Knoch winning the B grade novice final agains Brian Keelty 2-1. The match was close, with both players looking like they might get across the line, before Knoch eventually emerged victorious.

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The 2012 Champion of Champions was played over the weekend with active club members invited to participate. On Saturday club members played round-robin competitions within each grade with the top players going on to a handicapped knockout competition on Sunday morning. The club groups players into 4 grades based on ability so that all players  [ Read More ]

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